Compassion for Communities and their Pets

Lakefield Veterinary Group understands the impact that community involvement can have in helping animals that enrich our lives. Our mission is to create, deliver, and support programs that nurture healthy relationships between pets and people, including community outreach, education, and services. Our commitment allows us to help improve the lives of both pets and their human companions through our communities and beyond. Every year we donate to local charities that seek to better the lives of pets. We have also started a tradition with World Vets, where every year we send 15 team members to destinations around the world to help animals in need.

If you would like to donate to World Vets, check out their supply wishlist here or click the button below to make a cash donation. Please include a note that your items are part of the Lakefield Fundraiser.

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How We’re Helping

Australia Wildfire Relief 2020

Our family of veterinarians, technicians, support staff, and clients came together to raise funds for Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors to support the communities and animals of Australia impacted by wildfire disaster. Our goal was $5,000, but our community helped us raise over $14,000 in combined online and in-clinic donations! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this worthy cause.

Peru World Vets 2019

Our third annual Lakefield Veterinary Group partnership with World Vets International Aid Project took team members to the beautiful city of Cusco in southeastern Peru, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

We partnered with local veterinarians and volunteers to provide preventative care to remote communities outside of Cusco as well as performed 260 spays and neuters to pets in the heart of the city. Our team had the opportunity to explore Peruvian art and culture at the Pisac market, visit rescued vultures and alpaca at an animal sanctuary, and learn the history behind the ancient Incan citadel of Machu Picchu.

The trip was a rewarding experience filled with meaningful connections with the people and pets of Peru. We look forward to continuing to support communities in need.

Ecuador World Vets 2018

The second annual Lakefield Veterinary Group partnership with World Vets International Aid Project was a success! Veterinarians, technicians, and animal caretakers joined forces in a humanitarian mission, high in the Andes mountains, in the communities surrounding Quito, Ecuador.

In the four days of clinical and surgical work, our group attended to over 600 patients, including 247 surgeries, administering parasite treatments, rabies vaccines, spays, neuters, and tumor removals. World Vets partnered with Ecuadorian veterinary students which allowed an opportunity for teaching and sharing surgical techniques. Our group experienced Ecuadorian culture including a farm, weaving school, thermal baths, equator museum, and a world-famous trade market.

The members of our team that were able to join together in this experience in Ecuador are forever changed and through participation in this trip, we are assured that we can always do the right thing.

Nicaragua World Vets 2017

Lakefield Veterinary Group in conjunction with Best Friends Pet Hotel joined forces with World Vets and spent several days in Nicaragua providing veterinary aid to the pets of the Nicaraguan people.

Our team included a diverse group of employees from around the U.S., including our CEO and Co-Founder, Mollie Hoff, who all came to Nicaragua to give back through a shared love and compassion for animals. People from near and far brought their sick, injured, or unvaccinated pets to the team members for treatment. Together, the team spayed or neutered 248 pets and gave over 500 rabies vaccines in just four days. It was a humbling and rewarding experience for our team members, who all thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Our vision of helping animals in Nicaragua was a success, and we couldn’t have done it without World Vets. We are committed to improving the lives of others and their pets, and we look forward to continuing to do so in the years to come.

Hurricane Harvey Relief 2017

Hurricane Harvey did unimaginable damage to the Gulf Coast region and the floods in Texas were devastating. On behalf of the Lakefield family, we are so proud of our selfless Houston team and their heroic efforts to save pets and team members in need. We are thankful there were no serious physical injuries to report, however, many were left with overwhelming financial damage and losses. To help, we started a relief fund and together we raised over $123,000 to be distributed to our team members who did not have flood insurance and needed help. Thank you to everyone who donated to support team members in need during a difficult time.

Unleash Joy

The Lakefield Veterinary Group Unleash Joy holiday season program has provided food, toys, and pet care products to more than 100 different shelters and rescue organizations across the U.S. – and dozens of pets have found new homes. Our Lakefield Veterinary Group hospitals continue to support homeless pets each holiday season by donating unused items from the wishlists of shelters and rescues that they partner with or through monetary donations. If you are interested in supporting our efforts in helping reduce animal homelessness, please reach out to your local Lakefield Veterinary Group hospital to donate during the next holiday season.

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