Our Story

Our promise is to preserve and elevate what makes your practice special. Our approach is tailored to each individual hospital. And it's driven by our belief that every client, like every pet, is different and is looking for someone who sees their individual needs.

Our Mission

Lakefield is a family-owned company building communities of like-minded veterinarians. We know you've spent a lifetime building a practice--a veterinary hospital defined by personal care, a unique culture, and dedication to your community. We believe this legacy matters more than anything.

Our Promise

Our promise is to preserve and elevate what makes your practice special. Watch our overview video to learn more.

Our Commitment

We're driven by our values. We have tremendous respect for veterinarians and your teams. We celebrate and strengthen the pet/human bond. We're committed to expert, compassionate veterinary care. And we give back to our communities.

Why It Matters

Unlike other veterinary groups, we're family-owned and dedicated to building long-term relationships. With Lakefield, you get a partner who shares your values, is committed to your legacy, and who will care for your team and your community.

Learn More About Lakefield

What makes Lakefield different from other veterinary acquisition groups? We don’t just invest in veterinary hospitals devoted to excellence in animal care. Learn more about our history, culture, and our legacy of giving back to our communities and organizations that share our commitment to happy and healthy pets.