Our Approach

As a veterinarian who has spent a career building a practice, you deserve a partner who appreciates your hard work and who is committed to the long-term success of your hospital. When looking to sell, we know you have choices. With Lakefield, we'll keep your approach, your philosophy, your community, and your identity intact.

How We Work

We're family-owned, and our work reflects who we are as a family--one with a love of animals, a passion for veterinary medicine excellence, and a commitment to building lasting relationships based on integrity and trust. We put pets first, providing exceptional veterinary care that's tailored to each animal's unique bond with their humans.

"We're the same, but better"

Hear from Hospital Administrator Carol Francis about what it's like to partner with Lakefield. Watch our video to learn more.

What Makes Us Different?

We recognize there’s no one-size-fits-all approach that works for everyone. So we remain flexible, allowing you to retain your way of doing things when they’re working and to lean on us for support when they’re not. And we’ll be on the ground at your practice, getting to know your needs and delivering tailored support.

Our Investment​

Importantly, we invest more than just money. We invest our expertise, our time, and our ongoing support to every hospital we partner with. And we forge friendships with our vets and their teams, forging deep and lasting relationships.

Committed to the best veterinary care

As stewards of the very best veterinary practices, we’ll continue to acquire hospitals that already provide superlative care and to build a company that will make positive contributions to the field of veterinary medicine.