Our Approach

At Lakefield, we are in a unique position to provide opportunities for meaningful partnerships with doctors who would like to sell their practice. Unlike most corporate veterinary groups, we do not have to contend with the liquidity needs of traditional shareholders, and veterinarians can rest assured that their legacy is in good hands. In our view, if corporate groups are to be positive members of the veterinary community, a hospital cannot be treated as a short-term investment, which is why Lakefield invests in its team members as if they were family.

Our employees can rely on the consistent application of our corporate values and long-term ownership philosophy. They will not have to adjust to ownership by another entity in a few years and can rely on our family for investment in training and continuing education.

We are building communities of veterinarians that embody our core values of Respect, Wow Service, Learning, Fun, and Doing the Right Thing.

The Lakefield team has spent a great deal of time listening to doctors and studying how corporate groups can be a positive force in the veterinary community. We understand that veterinary medicine is as much an art as a science and that we shouldn’t simplify it into corporate medical protocols. As such, Lakefield gives its doctors total freedom to practice. To ensure that we maintain the highest medical and ethical standards, we only partner with doctors who have outstanding track records. We also recognize that veterinarians take great pride in their hospitals, many of which have been part of the community for years. Therefore, when we buy a hospital, the brand remains unchanged and the culture is kept intact.

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