Mollie Hoff

CEO and Co-Founder

Mollie’s many years of experience in the veterinary industry include her role as VP of Operations for Pet’s Choice, Inc., a veterinary consolidation company. There, she was directly responsible for the entire company’s vision and operations and developed the infrastructure to efficiently integrate, operate, and improve locations.

Before joining Lakefield Veterinary Group, she co-founded and operated Discovery Village, a children’s enrichment center that encompasses children’s enrichment classes, preschool, summer and winter camps, and guardian-supervised playtime and birthday parties.

She was a Senior Manager with Kelly, Bamman & Partners, LLC, a consulting and business catalyst group, where she was responsible for preparing business plans, developing and analyzing financial projections for potential start-up companies, sourcing potential investment and buyout opportunities, and performing due diligence and integration planning for merging two or more companies.

Mollie was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and attended the University of Washington, Seattle.