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Veterinary practices are as unique as the pets they serve, but the best have one thing in common: they're a labor of love. We share your passion for veterinary medicine and are grateful for the opportunity to work alongside you. When you partner with Lakefield, we strive to maintain the attributes that made you successful in the first place - your independence, your culture, your position in the community, and your passion. 

Unlike other acquisition groups, we are family owned. This means that we can follow a long-term philosophy based on stability and integrity. The Desmarais family has a history of building enduring companies. We're fortunate to be the steward of an organization whose mission is to improve the lives of pets, and we're tremendously grateful to work with dedicated veterinarians like you. Over the next several decades, we aim to build a company that will make a positive contribution to veterinary medicine. 

Lakefield Veterinary Group is a family-owned veterinary hospital acquisition company preserving Practice Independence and Local Legacy for veterinarians looking to sell their practice. Our goal is to purchase successful hospitals without disrupting the local feel and unique characteristics that made the practice successful to begin with.

Our business is divided into 2 distinct groups: Veterinary Hospitals & Pet Boarding. Lakefield Veterinary Group represents our Veterinary Hospitals, Emergency Hospitals, and Specialty Medicine. Best Friends Pet Hotel is our brand of pet boarding facilities where we also offer Doggy Day Camp, Grooming, & Training.