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Veterinary practices are as unique as the pets they serve, but the best have one thing in common: they're a labor of love. We share your passion for veterinary medicine and are grateful for the opportunity to work alongside you. When you partner with Lakefield, we strive to maintain the attributes that made you successful in the first place - your independence, your culture, your position in the community, and your passion. 

Unlike other acquisition groups, we are family owned. This means that we can follow a long-term philosophy based on stability and integrity. The Desmarais family has a history of building enduring companies. We're fortunate to be the steward of an organization whose mission is to improve the lives of pets, and we're tremendously grateful to work with dedicated veterinarians like you. Over the next several decades, we aim to build a company that will make a positive contribution to veterinary medicine.

Lakefield Veterinary Group is a family-owned veterinary hospital acquisition company preserving Practice Independence and Local Legacy for veterinarians looking to sell their practice. Our goal is to purchase successful hospitals without disrupting the local feel and unique characteristics that made the practice successful, to begin with.

Lakefield Veterinary Group - A family owned veterinary acquisition company preserving local-legacy and practice independence for our family of hospitals and doctors looking to sell their practice.

Generational Perspective 

The Desmarais family believes that the best way to create meaning and value for all stakeholders - team members, partners, communities, and clients (both pet-parent and pet) - is by building great companies over several decades. Desmarais family companies have a long history of building partnerships based on trust and mutual respect that last a lifetime. 
At Lakefield, we are in a unique position to provide opportunities for meaningful partnerships with doctors who would like to sell their practices. Unlike most corporate veterinary groups, we do not have to contend with the liquidity needs of traditional shareholders, and veterinarians can rest assured that their legacy is in good hands. In our view, if corporate groups are to be positive members of the veterinary community, a hospital cannot be treated as a short-term investment. 

With no growth pressures from outside investors, our growth is focused on select regions where our doctors benefit from the support and shared resources of neighboring hospitals and regional operators. Doctors who partner with us can also look forward to supporting a team of business operators, accountants, HR professionals, and marketing specialists who share a deep passion for veterinary medicine. Clients and their pets get great care in our hospitals, and Lakefield continuously invests in technology, equipment, and facilities to ensure that our hospitals are on the cutting edge of quality care. 

Deep Respect for Veterinarians and Technicians 

Lakefield invests in its team members as if they were family. Our employees can rely on the consistent application of our corporate values and long-term ownership philosophy. They will not have to adjust to ownership by another entity in a few years and can rely on our family for investment in training and continuing education. 

The Lakefield team has spent a great deal of time listening to doctors and studying how corporate groups can be a positive force in the veterinary community. We understand that veterinary medicine is as much an art as a science and that it should not be simplified into corporate medical protocols. As such, Lakefield gives its doctors total freedom to practice. To ensure that we maintain the highest medical and ethical standards, we only partner with doctors who have outstanding track records. We also recognize that veterinarians take great pride in their hospitals, many of which have been part of the community for years. Therefore, when we buy a hospital, the brand remains unchanged and the culture is kept intact. Lakefield provides support in a collaborative fashion and certainly does not want to change the delicate recipe that has led to the success of a practice. Our family still has much to learn about veterinary medicine and we will continue to listen to doctors and put ourselves in their shoes with every decision we make. 

Passion & Expertise 

At Lakefield, a passion for veterinary medicine is a prerequisite for joining our team. This is how and why our hospital teams provide such excellent service. Great examples of this passion can be found in our President and COO, Mollie Hoff, and in our Chief Legal & Head of Business Development, Chad Quick. 

Mollie began her career as a technician aspiring to be a veterinarian. Early on, she fell in love with hospital operations and developed a passion for everything that goes on behind the scenes in veterinary hospitals. With her deep respect for veterinarians, her unwavering sense of responsibility to our pets (her mantra is "the pet first, always"), and her two decades of hard work, Mollie has become a respected leader in the veterinary industry. 

Chad joined our company when we purchased the specialty hospital started by his father, Dr. Charles Quick. Chad represented his father during the sale, and after the sale was completed we offered Chad a position at Lakefield. He brings a unique perspective to his role, as he grew up working in his dad's hospital and helping with everything from cleaning kennels to answering client calls at the front desk. Having not only helped his father build a hospital, but also sell it, Chad has a keen understanding of both sides of the transaction. Since joining our team, Chad has devoted himself to tailoring our business development practices to the mutual benefit of those involved. 

Giving back 

At Lakefield, giving back is an important part of who we are. Every year we donate to local charities that seek to better the lives of pets. We have also started a tradition with WorldVets, where every year we send fifteen team members to destinations around the world to help animals in need.